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This Unique, OOAK Designer Pyrite Chain Edge Buckle by Mia Angela Accessories will add earthy, cool style to your wardrobe.

I love the subtle metallic look of Pyrite - it is somewhere between gold and silver, which makes it so neutral, versatile & fabulous!
Pyrite is such a great stone and truly one of my favorites.
This belt is perfect for men and women. It is chic with a bit of an edge.

Pyrite is a stone of manifestation. it is a grounding stone and one that stimulates creativity and increases mental clarity and focus.
It's Iron component is good for the blood.

Buckle measures 3 1/2" across and 2 1/2" high
Leather snap belt is 1 1/2" wide
**Leather Belt is included in price - Please choose color and size**
* Your belt will arrive in a beautiful blue Mia Angela drawstring pouch

* All my Gemstones, Crystals and finished pieces are sage cleansed, Reiki charged, and infused with a lot of love and positive intentions - from my heart to your hands